Dynamixel AX-12+ Price: $44.90 USD

The Dynamixel AX-12 is a new breed of smart servos. Each AX-12 contains a microcontroller that provides network communications, angular positioning, rotational velocity control, real-time feedback, auto shut-down/error handling, and adjustable operational parameters.

AX-12+ Features
  • 1/2 duplex multi-drop serial bus
  • Adjustable 2400 to 1M bps serial communication
  • Report position, speed, load, voltage, and temp
  • Full rotation mode
  • 300° angular position in 1024 increments
  • Speed and torque control in 1024 increments
  • Built in LED status indicator/alarm
  • Shutdown on max/min voltage, load or temperature
  • Single cable network connection
  • Dynamixel AX-12+ Manual

AX-12+ Quantity Pricing

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